About us

about us The Synergy Effect

Who The Synergy Effect IS

The Synergy Effect is an international online networking system and communication arena for Christian event advertising.

  • Our vision is to help bring unity to the church and Christians worldwide by connecting God’s people – everywhere.
  • Communication is the catalyst for a revolution in church unity and we have established this platform to help make this possible, whilst at the same time generating more awareness for your event/ministry.
  • Online advertising is one of the fastest growing media used for marketing and communicating today, and it’s especially effective when you’re trying to connect individuals with both churches and church based events.
  • The Synergy Effect not only alerts people about your event, but also about your church/organization by connecting people through a direct link on the banner you upload. Acting as an international ‘grapevine’, where up-to-date information on what's on in the church world is delivered accurately and is accessed quickly and easily by believers of all ages, and in a range of nations.
  • The Synergy Effect is a joint venture between the founder, Rosalie Mason, and Initiate Media, a leading global Christian media company.


One of our main pillars is teaching people how to give money.



We teach the best techniques of how to fundraise for large sums of money.



And lastly, we couldn't figure out about volunteer work. This is the lifeblood of a great charity campaign.