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Samaritan's Purse

Give a shoebox full of goodies and bring the gift of the Gospel and also help feed a child in another part of the world in a place less fortunate than ourselves...

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2014 Revenue
  • Contributions - 60%
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  • Other Income - 1%
11,213,010 Shoeboxes Collected 2015!


Make a difference and be a part of something bigger than you ever thought you could be a part of. Find a charity event that you like today.


Are you creative in figuring out how to raise money? There are many causes that need your skills!


Experience the joy of volunteering at charities and events all around the world and feeding the hungry.

American Red Cross

You have the ability to
create a new story for somebody

This video from 2012 from the The American Red Cross goes over several goals met.

  • Uplifting those who are undergoing extreme stress.
  • Inspiring those in need.
  • Adding smiles to those who have been sad.
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Supported Causes

Check out any of these charities and see if any are in line with what you believe in.
The Salvation Army
The Salvation Army
Donation : ? out of $85,870
A fantastic charity that strives to "do the most good." They look to comfort, care, clothe, and feed.
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st. jude children's research hospital
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Donation : ? out of $65,870
They are leaders in children cancer research and other illnesses.
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boys and girls clubs of america
Boys & Girls Clubs of America
Donation : ? out of $54,870
Changing the lives of young people all over the United States.
Ways to Give
Donation : ? out of $115,870
Donating your time, money, and old possessions goes a long way with Goodwill.
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Learn how to fundraise
Together, we can change everything

Fundraising is an essential aspect of a charity. There are several techniques you can implement today to raise money for your non profit. Read on below to learn more!

Fundraising for Events

4 Fundraising Ideas For Your Favorite Charity Or Nonprofit Organization

Fundraising has never been easy. First of all, it requires people who will go out of their way to help the causes they believe in without reward. Secondly, it requires an inspired community to make donations. Neither of these elements is easy to come by. But if you're considering ways to raise money for your favorite charity or nonprofit organization, then half the battle is already won. There is still hope with individuals like you around, now that hope needs to be executed. Here are 5 fun ways you can raise money.

Car Wash

If you pick the right summer's day and you can get enough friends to chip in with the washing, why not offer car wash services? Once again, the products needed for the car wash are cheap, or they can come from neighborhood donations. Everyone involved is going to have some community fun as well.

Karaoke And Comedy Nights

This is an idea that can be used once a month and it can turn into a regular source of donations. Just like some of your neighbors love sports, there are going to be those who love the spotlight. In fact, they love it so much they'll help to get donations if they are able to perform. Whenever you are planning a large event with thousands of people, you're going to want to look into an experienced security guard company. You don't want anything messing up all of the planning and work you've done to put on the event! We personally like Sphinx Security Services, a great security company in LA. For Los Angeles events, they are great and they actually serve all of California. Their address is 10642 Santa Monica Blvd #200, Los Angeles, CA 90025, or you can call them at (310) 474-4800.

Sporting Events

Chances are that half the people in your neighborhood love sports. There's also a good chance that the other half will become interested if people they know play a friendly game. Considering that fundraisers have a restricted budget, you want to get as much support as possible. This is what makes a sporting event, such as a softball game or marathon, such a winner. It hardly costs anything to organize and many people are going to participate.

Silent Auctions

For this idea to work you are going to need the support from local stores. For a silent auction, you are going to need some valuable items that a store can easily part with. In return, you are offering them exposure. For any store, this is usually a good trade, so it shouldn't be a problem getting a few donors. You can also look to other members of the community who might have something to offer. You'll be surprised at the antiques they can store up.


We live in the modern world, which means we have access to millions of people at the touch of a few buttons. Use this technology to your advantage. There are several sites out there that allow people to submit projects. These are all projects that require funding. Normally the people asking for funds offer something in return. In this case, you can offer regular updates and photos on how the money is being spent. Crowdfunding has become a very effective tool and you should definitely try it out. Some people also use KickStarter to raise money.

Some Final Thoughts

There are so many ways you can raise money for your favorite charity, it's just a matter of thinking outside the box. The challenge to raise funds increases as the economy falls under heavier pressures, but there's always hope thanks to individuals like you.

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